the blogger testifies 48

Great is YOUR mercy towards me, YOUR loving kindness towards me, YOUR tender mercies I see, day after day. YOUR ever faithful towards me, YOUR always providing for me...great is YOUR mercies towards me, great is YOUR grace.

I'm thankful LORD, for everything, for everyone. For family, friends, most especially for JESUS! I'm grateful for the opportunity to know YOU LORD. Undeserving of YOUR love...YOUR grace is enough. I'm thankful LORD. For new things, for old things...LORD, for Christmas and the memories it brings...I'm saying thank YOU JESUS.

For my brother, small daddy and friend; Adeleke Aladekoba, whose birthday is today...I say thank YOU LORD JESUS...for YOUR Rehoboth blessings for him, I'm grateful FATHER.

For plenty plenty miracles I read on blogsville...for you who is reading this...I thank YOU LORD JESUS. For this week FATHER, I thank YOU LORD JESUS for the miracles...
in all...I'm saying:



  1. Nothing greater than giving thanks!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Gosh, you are persistent consistent!!!*I like*!!!!Hi you!

  3. @ Musco: true that...thanks for stopping by:)
    @T.Notes: *smiles* hi :)


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