The blogger testifies 5

Hi people...its 15 minutes to the end of the day, I must testify. A lot has happened over the past few hours so I have been trying to fix up things in preparation for my new semester. I would still testify again this week. But now, I testify in poetry, as written before I say:
‘ In response to the Psalms:
Did they say HE’s faithful – that’s too small
Did they say HE’s too faithful – what more can I say
Did they say HE’s too faithful to fail- its more than that’
I thank GOD for everything...thats the least I can say. Today I was overwhelmed as I wondered how I was not filled with bitterness,so much joy in my heart, so much love, I bless GOD for the new dimension HE's taking me to. Being a friend and a lover. With this I say, this blogger testifies of HIS faithfulness, I can't help the repetition because HE is too faithful, HE doesn't even know how to fail! THANK YOU JESUS!


  1. Yes oh... He is too faithful to fail..that has been my testimony


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