The blogger testifies 7

To worship YOU I live...
Its yet another Sunday. I hope you had a wonderful week. Today I testify of the LORD's goodness, in the land of the living. For only the living can give HIM praise, only the living can dare to complain, only the living can be hungry, only the living can worship HIM, only the living can ask for forgiveness and yes only the living has a second chance!
I thank GOD for HIS mercies, for faith and for strength. For love and for life. Indeed HE is faithful even till the end. Sometimes it might not feel like it, it might not look like it, but for sure it is it! The past week made me think a whole lot, I've started anatomy in school and believe me, one of my conclusions is this; "the human body: what science doesnt give explanation for...the scripture does!". GOD is awesome.
Have a wonderful day, week and season. Experience GOD in a whole new dimension and see HIM work in HIS favour this week...but remember to testify!
thank YOU JESUS!


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