the blogger testifies 11

"I will sing forever of YOUR love oh LORD!"
Hi people! Hope you had a wonderful week and weekend. Now Monday is knocking at our door. Oh well, we thank GOD. Today the blogger testifies of the LORD's love and faithfulness. For health, life, love. For grace, wisdom and direction. For family, friends and all. For my country and the revolution that is about to take place there. HE is truly amazing. I also want to say a big thank you to Funsho Kuteyi, thanks of the new people encouraging me. And oh, my birthday is today...yeah, I have many days to celebrate it. Actually its my twin's birthday: Oyinkansimilade Aladesuyi. I thank GOD for her life and thank HIM because the best is yet to come...AMEN. So many testimonies coming forth this week starting with my health. I'll fill y'all in.
"as usual, oh, is there anything new on this blog?"
You may ask that question but I'm about to get diligent with this, please bear with me. But no matter what, BHG, the blogger must testify every Sunday.
I thank GOD once more, because if not for HIM...fried potatoes would have been better than me... thank YOU LORD JESUS!


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