the day the earth shook (pure rantings)

"Tuesday and she is blogging?"
Yes, oh...thank GOD for HIS mercies. Well, I just thought I should share this. Pretty an interesting write up although I had something more intense for today but I can't find it at the moment. So here we go:
"water, e no get enemy..."
Trust me, Fela was wrong! Water does have enemies. Okay thats in literal term because when people take the water...then it has enemies! Trash the fact that we cannot survive without it, if its not in my bucket when I need it, then we ain't cool together.
It was on Saturday morning, forget the date...but 12am was our target-TTG exam II (Towards a Total Graduate Program in in, for the graduating class at my first University). We, lets just say a large portion of the US, had a nice sleep till 9am or even more. Who said the early bird is not lucky? For those who took their bath early enough to see the water stagger out of the hall were lucky.
At about 9am, some of us slowly got up from our thick slumber or paused whatever we were doing to take a bath. Alas, water had found its level. Next thing, big babes started to head for the generator house to fetch some water while some seemingly spoilt brats bought pure water (water in sachet) to take a bath. Did I say spoilt brats; trust me they were only being cream, just couldn't stand the ache of carrying water from the generator house to 300 or 400 or even 200 floor (i.e 2nd/3rd/1st floors).
So whats the deal; in a place where there is likely to be water rotation, especially when you have been pre-warned that the water pump would not be put on after 7:30am -9am, take your bath early!
Me...don't ask me what I did or when I took my bath...use your naked eyes! :)

aight thats something new ba? thank YOU JESUS!


  1. hmmn...LOL!!!

    The light goes off at 7 now...

  2. what!!!!!!!!! 7? mehn...thats deep to swallow!

  3. A bag of satchet water would prolly fill a bucket or at least halfway; that'll do for a shower. Abeg, stress is not needed in life!How much's the bag-100bucks? D gals r sharp jo!


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