the blogger testifies 10

Wow! 10? I'm just realizing. Thank YOU JESUS. I thank GOD for the week. Yes, I owe a testimony. My test was fine, not just fine, I passed and I give all glory and honour to GOD. Also for my friends that wrote and passed and for those that did not pass now because I know they are going to do much better when the exam comes (AMEN). I thank GOD for everyone, my family, my friends and all the people around me. I thank GOD for 70x7! So many times we do the wrong thing and don't say we are sorry to GOD. HE does things for us, even as little as we think waking up is (its a big deal oh!), and we don't say thank you. I thank GOD for HIS mercies and HIS grace. And yes, another testimony is coming up...actually 2 at once!
I also want to thank GOD for Mr and Mrs Fadugba (Uncle Muyiwa and Aunty Seun). Finally, the seal has been put and I know the LORD will bless them richly...AMEN! Oh, today is mother's day...its stale gist that I love my mom! have a lovely week and GOD bless you... thank YOU JESUS!


  1. Dear one, a thankful heart is the one that's closest to the Father's smile. Don't stop till you reach a million!
    Thanx4 stopping by.
    I'll be around.

  2. oh! thanks so much. I really appreciate this.


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