the blogger testifies 12

when HE moves...
Hi guys!!!! sure your week was splendid, thank GOD. Mine? Oh well, we thank GOD too...great BHG! So today the blogger testifies...yes oh!
I testify of HIS goodness...mehn! HIS power can make you weak! Chai! I'll start with the week, the Monday miracle of the package I had been awaiting. My Molecular biology presentation...was off the chain...HE totally spoke through me! My was just HIM oh...the flu came and Hallelujah, its gone. Difficulty in breathing and weakness....all over. I'm eternally grateful. I had a test...I know its well. I saw my result for one test I wrote...I give HIM praise. I really did not prepare so well, but HE gave me enough ginger to know that when I get my groove on, on that subject...its done! Then today...
As a church worker, I have never attended any workers pre-service meeting and I have gone twice (I guess...btw, I was very late) for Sunday school service. No just reason. Today I went, even when there was daylight saving time (we lost an hour today)...was fun! Loved it. Then came the service...
HE moved! Yes...HE moved...unplanned for by us...HE moved.
I had not seen that in quite a while since I left Covenant University. But today, HE moved. It was during the worship...that was was more of a worship service...HE was moving, no words needed!...HIS power alone made me feel weak...that was just enough for me. Besides, HIS presence was heavy and intense, some folks couldn't even stop when we had to close, it was awesome...I got a word too...that was enough for me. A word to stand up and act...a hot word. Point still remains that HE moved. Just like when HE moves, what you wear does not matter, even if you are on heels...HE'll still move...and HIS presence is too strong that it can throw a sane person to the ground screaming and shouting! The gift of HIS HOLY SPIRIT was so I know that when next HE moves...I'll be hit in full swing...I am so expectant!
The blogger testifies today...because HE moved in a new and special way! THANK YOU JESUS!


  1. awww... my baby... I'm so proud... :D

    You're a church worker!!! Shocking... I never knew!

    So I expect you'll show up at 9.00 am from now on... (pursing lips... I wonder if Pastor knows... :D

  2. well...I'm in C.O.G...although its not really functional, but Ik says I should come still.


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