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Hi!!! we thank GOD for bringing us to the month of March. Last week Sunday I could not write anything. I had to come to terms that the LORD gives and yet the LORD takes. We (my friends and I) lost a friend. Not like I was close to him, maybe I spoke to him more than 3 times but he was someone who was nice and friendly, one you could hardly miss. Tall, wore glasses and had crossed eyes, an amazing smile and oh yes, he was in the classical choir. Charles Umogo-Ogbolu! It was really painful as I recapped how I was saying to myself that I would add him as a friend on Facebook when viewed his pictures. The event was bitter to all of us here, how it happened (its even on Sahara reporters!), and it gave me more reasons to thank GOD for life. Well, theres no need to explain what happened but theres a reason to thank GOD for the life he lived here and that by HIS grace, he is rejoicing in heaven...we will miss him here though. I guess anatomy has helped me to value life more. To me the course is just a confirmation about the "spirit man".


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