the blogger testifies 39 (Sunday)

You love me...oh yes, You love me more.
More than words can tell
More than songs can sing
More than paper can handle
More than my mind can comprehend

Me too Lord...oh yes, me too
I want to love You more
Know You more
Search for You more
...its in the WORD right?...oh yes it is...

I testify of grace...He makes me feel weak! nuff said...
for love, life, family, friends, this week, this month, this year's remaining 90days, Nigeria...for, for even the heater that has been put on in my room...I'm grateful for everything...I love YOU LORD...yes Lord...again its more than words.

thank YOU JESUS!


  1. Where's the rest of our story?

  2. Eiya! How "lo-mantic". :D

    Okay, I'm joking... but seriously, like, awww... :)

    I know, He's wonderful, shey? sniff, sniff. :)

  3. @cadoah : :)
    @Vee: mehn...u no d p now :) but soon...BHG


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