YOUR grace is sufficient for life!!!!!!!!

Kabiyesi... Aribiti... Arabata!
Ah! I'm drunk with praise
drunk that I want to say thank YOU
but what I really want to say is more than that
and yet the words are not coming out!

I've spread YOUR fame
the littlest of ways that I can
I've tried...but it still is not enough!
YOU are MIGHTY to save

Dirty linens YOU have washed
my tears YOU've wiped away
another miracle... yes!
for nothing can hinder YOU from saving...by many or by few!

Confirmed! YOU are....
now no words can quantify
Praises can never be enough
I looked at my question paper...I saw nothing reasonably familiar

JEHOVAH the Mighty ONE in battle
YOU fought for me
YOU fought for us...
words fail me...again....

Ah!!!!!!!!!!! Halleluyah!!!!!!!!!!

(People...I can't explain it oh! chai! the LORD has done what I know HE can do! HE displayed HIS faithfulness again...BHG, I'll explain it in a series of short stories dirty linen stuffs...
but surely...HE is MIGHTY to save! HE never fails...and HE never lets me down...
Trust in HIM, ask HIM...for HIS grace is sufficient...

thank YOU JESUS!!!!!!!


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