the blogger testifies 27 (contd)

I testify of HIS faithfulness, HIS mercies which are new every morning... HIS love which knows no boundaries and HIS touch which is ever comforting. GOD is not only able...HE is capable!
HE alone is able to deliver those who trust in HIM.
I testify of life, love, family, friends, blogs....and yes, for you!!! I'm also grateful to GOD that Tolu Akanni's book launch rocked!!! Its painful that I missed it but I'm thankful that it was worth it for people that went. So much noise about it right and I thank GOD that the noise will be converted into impact. I'm grateful for so many times I can't just pin down one thing...
and yes, for my friend Dayo's birthday...twas great. For church here, twas great even if summer holidays have started for most people. I'm grateful for those who have started their holiday like Eno!
Finally...I still have lots to say though, but I'm thanking GOD that HE is good and HE alone is GOD! For being mighty to save and for miracles...for everything...for who HE is!


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