wow! but lemme try to thank You

can my words give the depth of gratitude I'm trying to pass across to You?
can my words pierce this thick layer of favour You have surrounded me,
You know, pierce it and be swallowed up in it, more like the insula (but this time ever-growing) englufed in the cerebral cortex (also, this time, ever growing)?

I have seen the LORD use nothing...
5loaves of bread and 2 fishes fed 5000...
I am drunk with gratitude for the LORD!
Be praised JESUS! wow!

Mercy, mercy! all I see is Your mercy!
From the sun smacking our sky to the blend of its going down
words fail me...You make me feel weak!
I'm weak with gratitude.

Do these words speak of my gratitude...
Its piercing, like I really can't get it out.
All I say LORD, all I say in 8 letter...


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